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KyU on the Frontline against Corruption.

You can help in the fight against corruption by reporting all forms of corruption to the KyU Integrity Committee.

In order to protect you as a whistle blower, KyU has developed and implemented a web-based reporting system that gives you a secure and anonymous reporting.

 The web based reporting system assures you of two major benefits:
1. Your identity as a whistle blower is not exposed
2. Your report will remain confidential and can only be accessed by KyU Integrity Committee

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Please answer the following questions in order to optimize processing your report even if you have already provided the answers in the text field above:

Note on sending attachments: Files may contain hidden personal information that could jeopardize your anonymity. Please remove all such information before sending a file. If you are unable to remove such information, copy the text from your file into the report text or send a printed copy of the document anonymously using the reference number that is provided at the end of the reporting process to the examiner’s address (see footnote).

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