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Kirinyaga University Students Organization (KYUSO)

The organization caters for social and academic well-being of all Kirinyaga University students. The students are led by a student governing council whose members are elected in a free and fair election held once in every academic year.  The Council has and upholds a constitution that protects the rights of the students as well as governing their operations within the University.  The Council also engages in activities such as welfare by raising funds for the student’s kitty through student’s contributions, car washing activities, student walks and donations to help the needy students with school fees and upkeep.
The SGC protects the rights and the welfare of all the KyU students as well as creating a stronger bond between the students and the administration for the smooth running of the University academic, research and development activities. Secretary General – Robert Muthomi


KyU has hostels with adequate facilities in a conducive environment whose security and safety are key to students’ accommodation. The Campus environment is friendly for learning.  Students enjoy on campus, a variety of quality meals sold at subsidized prices both at the students’ mess and the KyU restaurant.  Students’ health is well taken care of at the University clinic. The presence of full time medical staff provides the much needed services to the students. The University Ambulance is always available to facilitate transfer of students to referral hospitals during emergencies.

Sec. Catering and Accommodation  - Kennedy Musyoka


Learning at KyU is well planned to facilitate adoption of innovative learning techniques. The fact that our lecturers post lecture notes on the e-learning platform at least two days before scheduled lectures encourage enquiry based self-learning as well as group discussions ahead of lectures making the learning process exciting and most fulfilling. The fact that we enjoy internet enable environment in the library with thousands of electronic books and journals bring out the best in us. Our well organized academic undertakings are also complimented with availability of mentors on campus for all students. 

Academic  Secretary – Karuga Samuel


Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence win championships.  All we need is you and we hit the sports landscape with a bang, achieve our best and enjoy the KyU environment.  Sports is one thing you will not want to miss at KyU.  We are truly sporty.  Come, join and let us sparkle together.

Achola Ken – Sports and Games Secretary


Entertainment in the University is offered in many diverse forms.  The University management has installed Television sets in the TV rooms for both male and female students connected to DSTV and GOTV.  The KyU entertainment department hosts various events including freshas night, talent day, innovation day and cultural night. The interactive events bring KyU students together and make KyU a home away from home.

Entertainment Secretary – Francis Munyua Kamau


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