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Office of the Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of students is “Home away from home” for all the students who enroll in the University. It is the one place students are invited to be open and voice their needs and have them met as reasonably as possible. The office aims at ensuring that the welfare of the students is catered for physically, academically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. All the activities and programmes of the office of the Dean of Students are aimed at this wholesome development. Kirinyaga University acknowledges that the core purpose of students is academic achievement. However, the University realizes that excellence in this regard cannot be attained in a vacuum. An environment conducive to progressive learning must be created and maintained, hence the endeavor to see to the welfare of the student on all fronts. The office of the Dean of Students is in charge of the general students’ welfare and has the following mandate.

  • Organizing of proper utilization of all students recreational facilities.
  • Overseeing Chaplaincy and Counseling services.
  • Overseeing the organization of clubs, societies, games and sports.
  • Allocation and reservation of hostel facilities
  • Organizing and supervising students’ elections for the Kirinyaga University Students Organization (KyUSO).
  • Arrangement of regular consultative and information- oriented meetings with the Students Organization council.
  • Preparing budgets for co-curricular activities.
  • In charge of general students welfare.
  • Facilitating preparation of students certificates of merit.
  • Any other responsibility assigned to the office by the Principal.

Services and programmes coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students include the following:

Counseling Services

These services are provided by a team of professional counselors. Counseling services ensure the emotional, psychological and social stability of the students. Students are encouraged to visit the counseling offices to discuss any issue of concern with the counselors. Our team of professional counselors is always ready and willing to meet the students at their point of need. The counselors handle all counseling issues ranging from family, academic and substance-related issues, to financial, career, relationships and sexuality issues. The University also has a Peer Counseling programme which is designed to assist the counselors to meet the counseling needs of the entire student population without hindrance. A representative number of students are selected each academic year and taken through a comprehensive Peer Counseling training to enable them counsel their fellow students and, where necessary refer them for professional counseling. Students interested in going through this training are welcome to register their interest in the Dean of Students’ office.


The services of the Chaplaincy are available to see to the spiritual welfare of the students. This caters for all categories of religious groups namely Catholic, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims. The chaplaincy provides the services of spiritual counseling, conducting religious ceremonies such as weddings,

Students Organisation Elections

The office of the Dean of students coordinates and oversees the elections of the students governing body, Kirinyaga University Students Organization (KyUSO). The Dean of students acts as the Chief Returning Officer in the Students’ elections.

Financial Advisory

The Dean of Students ‘office works in close liaison with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), to give advice to the students concerning their applications to the board. The office also works closely with other financial supporters for needy students such as the CDF Bursary Committee

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