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Short Courses

The university will offer its expertise, where appropriate, in helping to address social or other community issues. In this regard KyU has designed short technology transfer courses for individuals seeking to get specific training and to combat immediate needs for the people of Kerugoya. These courses can be offered to community groups on request and also individuals. The courses include: Short technology transfer courses

  • Waiters proficiency
  • Pastry and bakery
  • Suit cutting
  • Cake making and decoration
  • Car tracking technology
  • Diesel injection system
  • Certificate course in driver mechanics
  • Panel beating and spray painting
  • Auto electrics
  • Certificate in motor cycle repair maintenance
  • Electrical installation
  • Motor transformer and coil rewinding
  • Solar installation

Other short technology transfer courses can be developed upon request in consultation with the Schools listed above as per the customer needs.

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Kirinyaga University is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


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